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Write a 500 Word Essay in a Matter of Hours Adhering to the Guidelines

A 500 word paper is one of the most fundamental types of academic writing. To be exact, it is an essay format rather than a type, but an ability to create a worthy text is critical. Although the production of a standard paper may seem to be a no-brainer task, it can sometimes turn out to be the most challenging.

College students know that the 500-word essay is one of the fastest and simplest ways for the professor to test the writing and analytical skills, as well as an ability to think critically. Additionally, a single project can reveal some other aspects that are inevitable for students.

Have you got an assignment to write a great 500 word comparison essay, but you have completely no idea how to prosper with the project? Keep reading the article to get a better idea of the paper, its peculiarities and obtain tips for its creation.

The Structural Parts of the Essay to Be Included

The first thing college students should care for is the structure of the essay. To format a 500-word essay, the learner should recollect the specifications of the standard 5-paragraph text that consists of the opening passage, body, and conclusion. Every part should contain 3-5 coherent and concise sentences, a maximum of 125 words in total. What information should be included? What passage is the most significant one? Adhere to simple rules of the 500-word essay formatting:

  • Start with the essay introduction. It may be hard for a college student to single out the most prominent part of the writing, but the introductory passage is surely inevitable. Its purpose is to interest readers and make them excited to continue reading. The writer’s task here is to introduce the topic and mention intriguing and catchy facts about it.
  • Proceed to the body. At this point, you need to present information logically and successively. Each paragraph should continue the previous one, remaining a cohesive element with its own introduction and conclusion.
  • Finish with the conclusion. Do not include any new facts or evidence in the concluding part, as your task is to summarize the already presented facts. Reiterate the thesis statement and remind the readers of the basic parts of the essay.

Once you have included all these parts in the text, you should check the word count. Do not get frustrated if you occasionally write more or fewer words, as 500 is the approximate quantity. Edit and proofread your work to keep it grammatically, punctually, and stylistically perfect on

5 Steps to an Impeccable 500-Word Essay

Producing a 500-word paper does not differ from working on the standard text. However, you should be ultimately concise, eloquent, and logical, giving reasons and presenting evidence. While some learners view it as a simple assignment, others will barely succeed without helpful tips for writing a great 500-word essay.

If you also doubt your ability to craft an impeccable text worth appreciation, check out the main steps for writing a perfect 500-word essay, which will definitely lead you to the highest grade in the whole class.

  • Analyze the topic. Have you got a specific compare and contrast essay topics assigned by the professor? Then, you may skip this point and proceed to the planning. Nonetheless, if you are free to select the theme on your own, you should be picky and demanding. Select the subject that is relevant and up-to-date.
  • Make an outline. No matter if you craft a short or extended plan, it will guide your work and help you achieve the desired result much faster. Mention only the key words, phrases, or sentences that will contribute to the quality of your writing.
  • Create a meaningful and well-structured text. The structure of the paper is one of the most significant points. Including at least five paragraphs is a 500 word essay writing rule you need to adhere to.
  • Proofread the paper. The quality of the academic assignment will depend not only on its structure, formatting, and style but also on the grammar and punctuation excellence. Edit the text to eliminate any mistakes and downsides that can affect the grade you get.
  • Deliver your work. Finally, once you have considered all the points mentioned above, you are ready with an impeccable paper.