Melba Rhodes Stanford

A Letter from Principal

Welcome to Millikin Basics+ School!

Our school is open to all kids in the Unified School District of Santa Clara. The program is based and emphasized on basic academic skills, and it is focused on children's study habits establishment. Millikin Basics+ Elementary School maintains high standards of behavior, responsibility and productivity; and its educational program involves the responsibility of parents for developing their children's individual growth. This school is emphasized on achieving great and, what is more, proficient academic skills.

Our Goals, Objectives and Philosophy

They have been approved by the Board of Education in the United School District of Santa Clara in 1976; all goals, objectives and philosophy of the Millikin Basics+ Program follow Code #58500 of California State Education and all general objectives of #6000 from SCUSD Policy.


All goals of the Millikin Basics+ School are based on the following belief: as a rule, children don't usually have any experience to know and understand what they need to find out to become responsible and productive citizens of our society. Taking this statement into consideration, we seek to achieve the goals which are the following:


The following objectives are established by our school to accomplish the above stated goals:


The Millikin Basics+ Elementary School provides a program which lets us teach education fundamentals to children using settled techniques in good educational environment. The teacher delivers all instructions to the whole class, and no volunteers or classroom aids are utilized during the learning process.